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Ashlyn Chase
Ashlyn Chase
Ashlyn Chase
Ashlyn Chase

Where the Howl Are You? See the video blurb!

I usually try to attend a couple book conferences each year, but due to

circumstances beyond my control, I won't be attending any​ this year...​

If you want a good recommendation, try this one! 

Fall in Love New England 

Ashlyn Chase

*For my young adult

books, search E. B. Lorow on your favorite

book selling site. 

For Amazon, go here: 

The conference I founded is flourishing under new leadership! I attended the Fall in Love New England reader/author conference Oct 21 and 22 this year, as a reader and 'fill-in' author-helping out wherever needed.  Suzanne Eglington is doing a fabulous job, growing it beyond my expectations! Registrations are open for 2024, and it may seem early, but it isn't! People were signing up for 2024 the day she posted the new registration forms on Oct 23rd!  One of the new things she introduced that people love is the chance to come for one day or two, with or without meals. It's affordable for everyone!  And if readers only want to come to the signing on the last day, it's free! 

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