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They say covers sell books. What readers may not realize is that authors have limited input when it comes to cover art. With traditional publishers the marketing department decides what cover will sell. But, hey, publishing is a business, and when someone else is laying their money on the line, you take what they give you. Many Indie authors like the creative freedom to choose their own covers! Here are some I can customize for only $60!

And, guess what? I made the covers for my YA books, written under the pen name, E. B. Lorow. I had so much fun doing it, I'm making book covers and promos for other authors now too! Here are some of my premade offerings.

Not sure about a premade? Ask me what I can do. (Prices will reflect the work.) 

Titles and fonts will be changed to suit!

The book market has been divided into three bestselling groups. One third is romance, one third is mystery, and one third is everything else! To make things easier on everyone, I'm creating three additional galleries. Here are a few random samples while I organize. Thank you for your patience. Making websites pretty takes time! 

Many of my covers can be used for more than one genre. You may find the perfect paranormal cover in Mystery.

Any cover you want is available, until I take it down upon payment. Then the image will never be reused. 

*For my young adult

books, search E. B. Lorow on your favorite

book selling site. 

For Amazon, go here: 

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