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Where there's fire, there's Ash

Paranormal and contemporary romantic comedies

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Latest release!

Elizabeth Fairchild is the secret daughter of the U. S. president. She's beautiful, stubbornly independent and blind!

To allow her to attend college in Switzerland, POTUS sends agent/shifter Max Wagner, as her seeing eye dog!

This asset will be difficult to protect--especially from his own desire.

From the anthology Paranormal Defense Agents... When your bodyguard needs to be EXTRA!

Now on its own in ebook for only $0.99!

If you already have one or more of my books, I can send a signed book plate that you can peel and stick inside. Simply email me and request however many you need or...

I have too many books! (I know...that's not a thing, right?) Well, I can sign any of my books sitting in my office and send what you want right away! email me to see what's available now.

Audiobooks! Audiobooks! Audiobooks!

Exciting news! My E. B. Lorow Young Adult books are now is audio too! 

Audio YA books!Don't Mess With This Witch on Apple Books

Live and Let Witch on Apple Books

Adult Ashlyn Chase books:

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on Apple:

For all Amazon audiobooks click on this box (Some audiobooks can be added to the ebook order with Whispersinc and the total for both formats will be less than $10!)


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books, search E. B. Lorow on your favorite

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